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  • WOW - Write On Woman
  • 5+5=10: An Equation for Academic Success
  • Learning With and Through the Arts - Multiple Art-Based Workshops

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SRS… Because when a woman tells her story she changes her life, when she shares it, she changes the world. SRS is an international community of intellectual warriors who READ, SPEAK and ACT to change our lives and the lives of others.  We are committed to forming egalitarian reciprocal connections around the globe, READING, SPEAKING and ACTING to change our life and the lives of others. ​

Our mission is to make it possible for all women and young girls around the world to be able to engage in intelligent conversation about the work of a female author 365 days a years, hence #SRS365.  We know that if women simple tell their stories and speak their truth, the world will change. Hoping you will JOIN US!